EFIC aim is to promote the widest possible use of forensic science by law enforcement and justice and to promote the activities which are aimed at ensuring the highest quality in forensic science.

The primary objective of the EFIC Foundation is to promote new and support the development of existing technologies, methods, techniques and tools in forensic science among representatives of law enforcement and the judiciary. The ambition of the Foundation is to exploit the potential of forensic science to improve cooperation between law enforcement and the judiciary, and to promote initiatives aimed at coherent and comprehensive approach to combating crime. At the same time, the Foundation aims to take measures to ensure that all parties in the criminal process have a uniform access to the resources offered by modern forensic science with a balance between these measures and the protection of fundamental human rights.

Another aim of the EFIC Foundation is to promote activities aimed at ensuring the highest quality of research in forensic science and improving the competence of those responsible for carrying them out. Therefore, the aspiration of the EFIC Foundation is the widest possible dissemination of information, knowledge and best practices as well as the promotion activities aimed at developing standards of quality and competence in forensic science.

The aim of the EFIC Foundation is also related to promoting initiatives in research, education and training and other efforts leading to the development of forensic science. The ambition of EFIC in this area is to activate the scientific community to conduct research contributing to the development of forensic science and to improve the quality of education in this field. Another aim of the EFIC Foundation is to promote public –private partnership and support efforts to develop and improve the relationship between the public and the private sector in the development of new technologies for preventing, combating and detecting criminal activities and to identify the perpetrators.

These objectives of EFIC Foundation are carried out in the context of European integration and international cooperation in the field of forensic science.