Law enforcement officers face in their daily duties numerous problems ranging from basic practical needs to complex technical and societal challenges. What exactly are these problems and how can they be resolved? What solutions – approaches, methods, technologies – do already exist and might simply not be known or shared? How to ensure that future research & innovation programmes are dedicated to the development of tools and approaches that are really useful for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and can help address their problems? It is the main mission of ILEAnet to help find responses, by federating European LEAs and people inside these organisations around these questions.

ILEAnet: “The place to ask questions you have and receive answers you need.” 

ILEAnet is funded by Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Research and Innovation programme, under Grant Agreement No. 740714. It is a network+community set up by LEA practitioners for LEA practitioners aiming to address major current and emerging problems they face. It will allow for better communication and exchanges both between the practitioner organisations and between individuals. When relevant, other carefully selected profiles will be invited to join the network based on their expertise, ultimately creating a bridge between the LEAs, academics, scientists, industry and policy makers. ILEAnet will ensure that such dialogue allows LEAs to influence research, development and innovation and thus to steer future efforts and funding to the initiatives and tools that really are useful for them.

How to become part of this?

The ILEAnet Network of Organisations and, at the same time, the Community of Individuals are supported by a dedicated secured ILEAnet Online Platform, where all exchanges take place. To access the content of this collaborative webspace and join the community of policemen, civil guards, other practitioners and experts from all over Europe and beyond, it is necessary to get in contact with one of the local ILEAnet National Contacts (INC). The INCs validate the membership requests, ensure an effective functioning of the national networks and, in collaboration with the ILEAnet Coordinator and the Scientific Coordinator, guarantee the quality of the online discussions.

More information?

For more information about the ILEAnet mission, objectives, concept and vision for the future, please visit


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No. 740714.