EFIC mission is to implement projects aimed at improving the competence of those responsible for the use of modern forensic science achievements.

EFIC Foundation carries out its mission by initiating, supporting and enabling the realization of various research projects, implementation and coordination in the field of forensic science. EFIC Foundation employs individuals with extensive professional experience in the field of forensic science and also in the implementation of the project activities of different scale and nature. The Foundation also works with the major academic centres in the field of criminal law and forensic science and maintains extensive contacts with the European and world communities of experts in the field of forensic science and forensic technology specialists.

The EFIC Foundation also tries to popularize the knowledge about the benefits of the widest possible use of modern forensic science achievements among law enforcement and justice. The activities carried out by the Foundation in this area are mainly related to the organization of the conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and lectures.

Apart from the research and popularization activities, EFIC Foundation as part of its mission also conducts activities aimed at widening access to education in the field of forensic science, as well as supporting the educational and training activities. EFIC Foundation has in its offer a wide range of training courses. The involved teachers are not only from Poland but also from abroad. They possess the best qualifications which are confirmed by many years of practical experience with a proven theoretical knowledge.