EFIC vision is to improve the efficiency of justice and increase the security of citizens through the widest possible use of the possibilities offered by modern forensic sciences.

In the second half of 2011, during the Polish Presidency in the Council of the European Union, the Council adopted Council conclusions on the vision for European Forensic Science 2020 including the creation of a European Forensic Science Area and the development of forensic science infrastructure in Europe.

This document lists ten main directions of development for European Forensic Science::

  1. accreditation of forensic science institutes and forensic laboratories,
  2. respect the minimum criteria of competence of staff,
  3. establishment of common best practice manuals and their application in daily work of forensic laboratories and institutes,
  4. conduct of proficiency tests/collaborative exercises in forensic science activities at international level,
  5. application of quality standards while inspecting the scene of the accident and the supervision over the flow of evidence from the scene to the courtroom,
  6. recognition of the results of forensic tests to be equivalent at the international level in order to avoid cancellation of evidence due to the technical and quantitative differences,
  7. identification of optimal and shared ways to create, update and use forensic databases,
  8. use of advances in forensic science in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and other criminal activities,
  9. advancing the knowledge about the opportunities arising from the forensic sciences, in particular through the development of appropriate training programs for law enforcement and justice,
  10. research and development projects to promote further development of the forensic science infrastructure.

In accordance with the vision for European Forensic Science 2020, which is also often called Polish Forensic Initiative, these lines define an European Forensic Science Area. Achieving progress in these directions should significantly improve the efficiency of the judiciary and increase the security of the citizens.

European Forensic Initiatives Centre Foundation fully shares vision of European Forensic Science outlined during the Polish Presidency. Actions undertaken by the Foundation, its objectives and aims are focused mainly on Europe-wide projects to ensure the best quality in forensic science.