European Forensic Initiatives Centre – EFIC Foundation 


About the Foundation


EFIC vision is to improve the efficiency of justice and increase the security of citizens through the widest possible use of the possibilities offered by modern forensic sciences.


EFIC mission is to implement projects aimed at improving the competence of those responsible for the use of modern forensic science achievements.


EFIC aim is to promote the widest possible use of forensic science by law enforcement and justice and to promote the activities which are aimed at ensuring the highest quality in forensic science.



Forensic Watch


EFIC Foundation is eager to share its experience and expertise through a unique and innovative programme, called: “Forensic Watch”, which unlike scientific projects for forensic practitioners, engages the citizens in the very specialised area of forensic science.

ENFSI SeCretariaT


As part of its statutory activities EFIC Foundation since 2013 till 2015 supported administratively and financially the largest European platform for cooperation between institutes, centres and forensic laboratories performing research in the field of forensic science – the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI).



EFIC Foundation participates in the implementation of projects financed from the so-called Monopoly ISEC Action Grants Program of the European Commission. These projects are mostly devoted to the implementation of actions aimed at ensuring and improving the quality of forensic science through the creation of guides to good laboratory practices, assumptions interlaboratory comparisons, development of research methods and standards for interpreting the findings.