EFIC cooperates with:

Center for Forensic Science, University of Warsaw

Center for Forensic Science is an interdepartmental unit that conducts interdisciplinary research and studies linking the achievements of psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, law and criminology. In the Center has been created an Expertise Office that performs forensic expertises, deliver opinions and give advice for example on the identification of offenders. Center for Forensic Science staff are representatives of five Faculties of the University of Warsaw, underpinning the activities of the Centre (Faculty of Law, Psychology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry) and colleagues from other academic units of the University of Warsaw, as well as collaborators from outside the Univeristy of Warsaw (forensic experts, experts in specific disciplines of police work, court medics, IT specialists and engineers). With strict cooperation between the Departments that forms the Center for Forensic Science, it has modern laboratories and research equipment and qualified technical personnel to support it. University of Warsaw has extensive experience in research projects, conducting research and development and implementation of new solutions based on research findings.

Court Watch Poland Foundation

The aim of Foundation’s activities is to increase the public accountability of the Polish judicial system. This aim is to be achieved through monitoring the work of courts to see if they fulfil their social functions, helping to implement and promote positive examples and good practices, as well as eliminating negative practices, in Polish courts. The principal form of the Foundation’s activity consists of citizens taking part in court sessions. They do not represent any of the parties, but observe the proceedings, paying special attention to the performance of the judges and court clerks, realization of rights bestowed upon the parties, the way the parties are treated, as well as circumstances, in which they confront the court. Foundation was established in April 2010 and is a non-profit organization.

Catch 22 Association for Legal and Forensic Initiatives

Catch 22 Association for Legal and Forensic Initiatives is newly established organisation associating young representatives of legal professions and other individuals whose professional work or interests are connected with broadly understood legal issues. The aim of the organisation is mainly to popularize the knowledge about law, legal science, forensic science and expanding Polish achievements in this field, as well as raising the legal awareness, supporting the development of civil society and promoting democratic values.

Polskie Towarzystwo Ekspertów i Biegłych Sądowych

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