ENFSI Secretariat

As part of its statutory activities, EFIC  supported, both administratively and financially, the largest European platform for cooperation between institutes, centres and forensic laboratories performing research in the field of forensic science – the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI).

Practically from the beginning of its establishment,  EFIC worked with the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes - ENFSI (www.enfsi.eu). Currently, ENFSI consists of 64 Forensic Laboratories and Forensic Science Institutes located in 36 European countries, bringing together more than six thousand experts in various disciplines. From 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015, EFIC run the ENFSI Secretariat.  EFIC Foundation took over this task from a foundation registered under the name of Stichting ENFSI Secretariat operating in the Netherlands.  ENFSI Secretariat was mainly responsible for the coordination of current activities of the ENFSI network. On behalf of its members, it performed the following tasks:

  1. making proposals for and to assist the Board in the discharge of its functions,
  2. preparing the Board meetings and the Business Meetings,
  3. making proposals for annual budgets and financial statements to be adopted by the Board,
  4. making proposals for annual working programs to be adopted by the Board,
  5. maintaining the records and files of ENFSI, including the minutes of the meetings of the Board and the Business Meetings,
  6. executing and communicating the decisions of the Board and the Business Meeting,
  7. administering the finances of ENFSI in accordance with the Framework for Finances,
  8. having a controlling, initiating and stimulating role in the management of the ENFSI webpage,
  9. representing ENFSI, if required, on behalf of the Board at international meetings.

ENFSI Secretariat was run by EFIC under a three-year contract. From 01.01.2016 the service is carried out in Germany (BKA Wiesbaden), the country selected in the course of the voting by ENFSI members held at the ENFSI Annual Meeting 2015.visit ENFSI website